Saturday, January 28, 2012

Evale New Release

WOW! Look at this skirt! * fans herself*  this is one hot skirt! You must have! it's the first official release from Evale. Short, pleated and LEATHER! The top and vest are also from Evale. Sexy little open chest vest.. mmm yummy!

Hair: Truth, Kalista ,  Truth Hair (114,35,27)
Skin: Al Vulo , Pollen  ReMix Yo LIfe (178,160,1352)
Skirt: Evale, Black leather pleated Skirt,
Vest:  Evale , Open Chest Vest Zebra,
Top: Evale, Crop Top, White ,
Boots, Prestige Black Leather Boots, Boots (163,125,29)Boots (163,125,29)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Girl Next Door

hey y'all ....  This is an older outfit ... but still very awesome! You wear this and you feel just like the girl next door... you know the kind that washes her car in her bikini.. so the whole block will see her haha

Hair, Truth  Andrea, Oasis - Truth Hair (114,35,27)
Skin, Al Vulo, Pollon Tan - ReMix Yo LIfe (178,160,1352)
Top, Twosome , Frilly Summer Thing-The LOLO (165,195,21)
Skirt , Mini Skirt Jean - PixelFashion PixelFashion (159,152,22)
Bracelets, Principessa Gem Bracelet, Misha Fine Jewelry - Lanika (149,63,25)
Earrings, JCNY 5th Ave East, hoops,  -  Farrah Island (160,131,33)

Far Away

hey y'all! I have a lovely outfit to showcase tonight...
Hop you enjoy!

This sexy little sweater is new from Evale, comfy warm sweater with just a little hint of naughty
I am also loving these awesome slouch boots from Evale!
My necklace is new from Misha Fine jewelry. its customizable in shape, color, and initials.. Great Find.  

Hair: Truth Kalista, Platinum ,  Truth Hair (114,35,27)
Skin: Al Vulo, Pollen, Tan ,  ReMix Yo LIfe (178,160,1352)
Necklace, bracelets,  Misha Fine Jewelry,  Lanika (149,63,25)
Dress , Rihanna sweater black,  Enoshima (45,169,57)
Boots, Jenny, Black ,  Enoshima (45,169,57)
Tights ,  Luck Inc Wool Panty Dark Grey 1, Luck Inc (76,130,22) 

Touch of Evale

So, a SL favorite has come to and end.. Tart Clothing is no longer with us. However, Evale is. Same great clothes, same great style, same great location!

Here is my first EVALE purchase... Enjoy !

Click the links below for your taxi

Hair: Truth,  Andrea  Light blonde, Oasis

Skin: Al Vulo, Pollon, Tan

Dress: Evale , Alice in Red

Earrings and Necklace: Sigma Wooden Bead